Grafschafter Herstellung

Large containers for professional kitchens


Our Grafschafter Goldsaft and Grafschafter Obstwiese Apfelkraut in catering volumes open up new possibilities for creative ideas in professional kitchens, for example…

… in bread and baked products

  • natural and attractive colouring of dark doughs
  • harmonious fruity notes in all recipes
  • longer-lasting freshness in bread products
  • optimum sweetening and flavour enhancement of cookies, waffles, pancakes and crêpes

… in dark sauces, dressings, marinades and as glazes

  • optimum solubility and binding for dressings and marinades
  • creamy, homogenous consistency
  • good adhesion to meat and salads
  • appetising glaze and a perfectly browned crust
  • tart-sweet and harmonious taste to round off

Benefits for you

  • attractive, new, tasty recipe ideas
  • a wide range of applications
  • resealable, stackable buckets
  • optimum consistency at room temperature (20°C)
  • unopened, can be stored unchilled (20°C) for at least 3 years

Pack details:



  Grafschafter Goldsaft Grafschafter Obstwiese Apfelkraut
Net unit weight per UQ 2 kg
5 kg
13 kg
1,8 kg
Pack/container Bucket Bucket
Best before end/Expiry 36/24 months 36/24 months