Grafschafter Herstellung

Production of Sugar Beet Syrup

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Sugar beet syrup (Grafschafter Goldsaft) is a pure and natural product that consists of the concentrated syrup of freshly harvested sugar beet with the vegetable fibre removed and no additives.

Sugar beet syrup is manufactured during the beet harvest (mid-September to mid-December) and this production phase lasts for roughly 100 days and is called the “campaign”.


From the beet to the beaker in 8 steps.

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Delivering and accepting the raw materials

Our contract farmers deliver the freshly harvested sugar beet to the Grafschafter Krautfabrik in large trailers and trucks. We then inspect the sugar beet, determine the sugar and soil content and unload it into the reception area.

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Washing the beet

Water channels are used to send the sugar beet through something that resembles a car wash, where the beets are pre-washed and the green tops are removed along with any soil and stones before the beet is again cleaned with warm condensate.


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Shredding the beet

After washing the beet we transport the clean sugar beet to the beet hopper and, from there into the cutter, where it is mechanically sliced into thin strips.


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Boiling and steaming

The shredded beet is now boiled to a pulp in a mash tank. It is then steamed in our cooking plant for several hours at 105 °C. During the steaming process the sucrose in the beet is converted into glucose and fructose (invert sugar).

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Pressing, pressing, pressing

The beet pulp produced from the steaming process is now pressed under high hydraulic pressure to extract the raw beet syrup. When manufacturing the sugar beet syrup the 1:1 ratio of sucrose to invert sugar is crucial to prevent the sucrose from crystallising.

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Purifying the raw syrup

Most of the solid particles are now mechanically removed from the raw syrup in a sedimentation tank and decanter. The beet syrup now enters the evaporation plant as clear syrup.


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We now gradually remove the water from the clear syrup under vaccum in the multi-stage evaporation plant. Our sugar beet syrup is ready when the dry matter content of reaches 78%!

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Checking and storage

Our own lab now performs another quality check of the sugar beet syrup, and it is then stored in large tanks from where it can be removed for filling. The sugar beet syrup is also tested regularly during the QA process by an independent laboratory!

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